Farus is the main character of the original Paladin's Quest 2 (Lennus II Apostle of the Seals).


Underground world Andel covered in dark darkness. The boy woke up as "God" to bring the light. With 5 Apostles journey to perform the ritual of the "Great Union". But, in the shadow of its purpose had been swirling formidable conspiracy ....

Also through a journey in Andel, Farus that got all four of the treasure is accomplish the "Great Union". But, at that time, Andel has been exposed to the crisis of the collapse.

Caught in the "Great Union", but arrived at Eltz, it will undergo a curse that result in the other party to the stone by Efrem, resulting in the apostles to the stone. I got "dunk of the town" in the "letter of Petro" and "Purification Ceremony temple of the keys", towards the "temple of Purification Ceremony". Repel Efrem, solve the curse of the stone.

I was told that it is "Great Union is the end of the world" in the story of Petro.

jubal of curse, Rezelf of town, but got the eight sealed through a variety of events, such as large cracks in the town of Kamui, Andel was destruction.

There was many things, but finally challenge the Final Battle of the Granada, was able to prevent the "Great Union".

Finally boarded the boat over time along with the Petro us, toward the great Raiga.

After winning the final decisive battle with Granada, he will depart from Petro and Midia to the great Raiga.

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